Fingerprinting Services for Individuals


Personal fingerprint capture and submittal for many purposes.

If you're looking for "fingerprint services near me" and you need to be fingerprinted for license or other purpose in a state not your own, it doesn't get any closer than this. Using TeleFingerprinting, you can be fingerprinted right in your own home or office - anywhere FedEx® and Webex® goes.

Yes, National Fingerprint, Inc. provides the same TeleFingerprinting service used by big corporations to individuals who need to be fingerprinted for licensure or a host of other purposes.

Personal Fingerprinting Services 

Global Fingerprinting Service for Individuals


Fingerprint Service for Individuals with Documented Consent from Virtually Anywhere in the World.

Just as we do for large groups of professionals, TeleFingerprinting for Individuals works the same. Fingerprinting for out-of-state licensure or permits can occur at your home, your office or any other safe location - anywhere you have broadband Internet and can ship and receive via FedEx.

Nonresident Multistate Licensing

From the state next door or the continent 8,000 miles away, this is the service recommended by global law firms and consultants. Individuals can take advantage of this flexibility, convenience and security the big firms enjoy. There is no need to travel. Let your fingerprints do the walking.™

Absolute Identity Verification and Consent

Our patented materials and processes offer proof positive that your fingerprints are genuine, you have consented to have them submitted to the licensing board or agency you specified, and that we have complied with all the privacy laws where you live.

PermaPrints™ The Original Fingerprint Vault

We pioneered the secure archiving of fingerprints for resubmittals to other states, renewals or reuse for other purposes. With PermaPrints, this may be the last time you ever need to be fingerprinted.

Purpose-Driven Fingerprinting

Whatever your need for fingerprinting in a state not your own, we can help! While we specialize in expediting fingerprint enrollment and utilization for high profile individuals, such as VIP professionals and their global employers, we also help individual doctors, nurses, business people, travelers and other individuals who need fingerprinting for purposes including:

  • Financial Services
  • Physician Licensure
  • Nurse licensure
  • Pharmacist licensure
  • Online entertainment & gaming licensure
  • Liquor licensure
  • Legalized cannabis licensure
  • Global Relocation
  • Investor Vetting
  • Mergers & Acquisitions
  • US State Department Apostille & Certification
  • Foreign Embassy Coordination
  • Families seeking to adopt a child
  • Discreet Individual Services by Attorneys and Private Investigators
  • And virtually any other occupation or purpose that requires fingerprint submittals  

Want to know what the FBI has on you?

Ask about a Personal Review. We can take the fingerprints you make (or ones we have on file) and run an FBI background check "for your eyes only." Normally when you submit fingerprints to a license board or other agency, you do not see the results of the background check, only acceptance or rejection of the application. With a Personal Review, the FBI will directly send you what the license board would see. You can then appeal their findings if something is inaccurate.