Fingerprinting & Licensure Services

Expedite fingerprint capture and submittal for licensure.

Licensure delays revenue. Fingerprinting delays licensure. COVID restrictions block fingerprinting! We have the solution.

In the old days, executives would fly to other states just to be fingerprinted. Now, wherever you or your employees are stationed, we are available to provide FBI-quality remote fingerprinting services.

Fingerprinting Services 

Remote Fingerprinting Service


Collect, secure and legally document fingerprint biometrics and privacy...with no physical contact.

Our signature TeleFingerprinting™ service is an interactive process that collects fingerprints without a physical visit. Using modern, secure video conferencing coupled with patented proprietary Fingerprint Self-Capture™ methods, we’re able to conduct fully authenticated fingerprinting sessions virtually anywhere: homes, offices, hotels, libraries, coffee shops, restaurants or even public parks. The exclusive protocols baked into our interactive process go beyond security and privacy. They're the first to conquer both distance and contagion.

Licensing Submittal Services

Submit fingerprint biometrics to licensing boards world-wide.

Licensure is always urgent. That’s why we don’t just take fingerprints. We submit* them to numerous licensing boards on your behalf. Licensing boards pose a "nightmare soup" of regulations about submittal timing, signatures, number of cards, privacy statements, etc., etc. We curate a library of current submittal requirements for over 200 state boards to assure regulatory and privacy compliance.

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*ALSP Opportunity Available

PermaPrints™ Fingerprint Protection


On-demand fingerprint submittals for future licensure.

PermaPrints™ provides on-demand authenticated fingerprint submissions for future licensing submittals. We quickly prepare and send submittals to the licensing boards without scheduling additional fingerprinting sessions.

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Security & Privacy

We take identity security and personal privacy seriously.

Protecting Against Imposter Fraud Exclusive

Every TeleFingerprinting™ session contains security ceremonies that eliminate the possibility of imposter fraud. Our patented process, validated over 11 years of international use, provides 7 layers of identity verification to document that the remote fingerprints are genuine.

Protecting Personal Privacy

Starting with discreet, tracked, tamper-evident shipment for both enrollments and submittals, our physical and electronic data storage protocols and Lab procedures meet or exceed privacy law requirements. Whether for an individual or a corporation, protecting your private data is our top priority.