About TeleFingerprinting™

Revolutionizing the Fingerprinting Industry

International Fingerprint, Inc., dba TeleFingerprinting.com, is an innovative U.S.-based biometrics company; formed as a spinoff corporation from National Fingerprint, Inc. (NFp), an industry leader in expediting FBI criminal history checks required by licensing laws and privacy regulations, which provides lab and submittal services for TeleFingerprinting. As a part of the NFp companies, TeleFingerprinting™ provides the ONLY secure, patented, and scalable remote fingerprinting solution for batch submission to licensure authorities from anywhere in the world.


About the NFp Companies

TeleFingerprinting is the natural evolution of the process developed in the early 2000s by USAF veteran David M. Allburn. He discovered that instead of visiting an expensive livescan machine, people (with a 3rd party witness) could make prints themselves and send them to the livescan machine with his patented invention, the Self-Capture™ Pack. Through TeleFingerprinting, we're now able to provide fingerprinting virtually anywhere in the world.

National Fingerprint, Inc. now provides fingerprint processing and submittal services for International Fingerprint, Inc., dba TeleFingerprinting.com. Together they comprise the NFp Companies.

History & Experience

Backed by years of industry experience and innovation.

Since 2001, NFp has been making waves in the industry reinventing the way fingerprints are captured, verified and preserved. TeleFingerprinting™ represents the latest of these industry disrupting innovations.

  • 2001

    Founder David Allburn starts child protection research group to thwart pedophiles infiltrating youth-serving groups. Becomes expert witness at trials and addresses major international groups with findings.

  • 2007

    Founder discovers need for mass fingerprinting of volunteers in child-serving agencies without expensive electronic machines. Invents and patents the Self-Capture™ Pack for mass fingerprinting and “back office engine” for mass submittals.

  • 2008

    National Fingerprint, LLC is formed to commercialize the inventions by selling Packs. Over a thousand notaries become Trusted Observers™ , dispatched to facilitate and authenticate biometric self-capture.

  • 2010

    New class of client emerges – executives and practitioners whose employers need urgent multi-state licensure. Corporate clients clamor for Packs as a service, not as a product. Hints of overseas demand occur. National Fingerprint, Inc. incorporates as a C-corp.

  • 2013

    National Fingerprint begins service to applicants in foreign countries, solving fingerprint logistics problems.

  • 2014

    NFp PermaPrints™ protocol to store and replicate applicants’ prints on demand, passes tests for regulatory compliance by PA State Police, and for vendor data security by Deloitte & Touche, to reassure our client, the world’s most valuable charge card brand according to Forbes.

  • 2015

    State agencies and international law firms start recommending National Fingerprint, Inc. by name.

  • 2018

    Video fingerprinting concept pioneered, but shelved due to impossible technical, regulatory and privacy issues.

  • 2020

    COVID era begins, creating demand for touchless remote fingerprinting. Clinical trials of video fingerprinting resume. With help from FedEx®, Cisco WebEx® and several international lawfirms, technical, regulatory and privacy issues are overcome and TeleFingerprinting™ is born. Over 200 applicants have used TeleFingerprintng in the US and 15 other countries.

    International Fingerprint, Inc. forms to market TeleFingerprinting.

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