Fingerprint Service During COVID-19 Pandemic

It’s Simple: No Fingerprints, No US Licenses, No US Revenue.

COVID-19 Herd Immunity remains a fragile and distant goal.

Despite the advent of COVID-19 vaccines, contagion-risks, quarantines and travel restrictions continue affecting companies worldwide. Despite political hubris, executives know Herd Immunity is a fragile and distant goal. As TeleHealth, Finance, Distance Learning, and other vital services accelerate globally, so does demand for urgent multi-state licensure by states requiring FBI criminal background checks from proven-authentic fingerprints. No prints, no license, no revenue.

Conventional fingerprinting risks weeks of quarantine for VIPs.

Visiting or visited either way is risky.

  1. There is “no social distancing” when being fingerprinted. It is inherently high touch.
  2. Visiting fingerprint parlors or police, even if able to find one open, risks exposing or infecting your VIP providers and control-persons*, taking them offline for weeks and jeopardizing their families.
  3. Your providers and control-persons can test positive after being visited by a mobile fingerprinter who innocently introduces “stranger-danger” to the household.
  4. Even contact tracing quarantine from exposure to an asymptomatic fingerprinter can cause weeks of stress, even if tests are negative.

​TeleFingerprinting™ Conquers Contagion and Distance.

Not Easy. Every Move must Stand-Up in Court

When COVID hit, it became clear the world urgently needed this solution. Had combining teleconferencing with fingerprinting been simple, it would have been widespread long ago. After all, placing fingerprint technology in users’ hands is easy. And easy to defraud. The solution? Adopt meticulous Law Enforcement evidentiary protocol. Adapt FBI-approved crime lab equipment and security ceremonies. INCLUDE ergonomics and choreography. INCLUDE the latest ID biometrics. INCLUDE worldwide Privacy compliance. Enforce chain-of-custody. Don’t JUST widen social distancing. CONQUER CONTAGION and CONQUER DISTANCE ENTIRELY. Make every move stand-up-in-court. THAT is TeleFingerprinting™, the world’s first completely safe method of indisputably authentic fingerprint capture.

  • NO risk of infection.
  • NO travel to potentially contagious places
  • NO visits from potentially contagious persons
  • NO social distancing (because distance itself is made N/A...)
  • NO masks, no squirt-bottles, no language barrier
  • NO child’s-toy DIY “kits” (whose use can be fraudulent by definition)
  • NO risk of fines from overlooked privacy disclosures or biometric consents

Anywhere in the world FedEx®/WebEx® deliver, you achieve:

A lifetime of state submittals with Safety, Convenience, and Perpetual Privacy Protection.

  • SAFETY: Zero-virus-infection-risk, Documented TeleFingerprinting by Certified Witness & Guide.
  • CONVENIENCE: Order, Pay, Schedule Once-for-Lifetime TeleFingerprinting Session at home.
  • SPEED: Fresh Custom reprints-on-demand from Specimen Vault to Multiple Licensing Boards.
  • DATA PRIVACY:  Prevents violation fines, documents statutory disclosures and biometric consents.
  • REVENUE SPEEDUP: Removes fingerprint logistics delays, processes to states simultaneously.

Be safe. Be prompt. Be fast. Be sure. Use proven patented TeleFingerprinting™

*“Providers and control-persons” are the physicians and Top Managements of TeleHealth, Money Transmitter and other firms with executives or practitioners requiring state licensing. These VIPs must be individually fingerprinted for, and have their prints separately sent to, the state licensing boards of all states in which their employers want to do business. No revenue comes from the states where licensure is “pending.” Logistics, regulatory, and procedural barriers are notorious for holding up $Millions/month of revenue.