Corporate Fingerprinting & Licensure Services

Global Fingerprint Services for Corporations and Groups

When your company has many executives or individuals who need licenses for multiple states or continuing renewals, there is no other service that provides the flexibility and capability as TeleFingerprinting. Control persons love the "one stop shopping" service to manage all fingerprint submittals

TeleFingerprinting for corporate/group firms is managed through International Fingerprint, Inc.

Group Fingerprinting Services 

Remote Fingerprinting for Corporations or Groups


Unparalleled Convenience and Security

TeleFingerprinting is the merger of Teleconferencing with Fingerprinting, with a healthy dose of Compliance and Security mixed in. This means we can fingerprint your team members anywhere in the world for US licensure or other purposes. Your applicants meet online with our professional staff who witnesses them making fingerprints with quality control, establishes chain of custody, and returns the print samples to our Lab to become the "Exemplary Master Set" for multi-state submittals.

If your executives are limited on time, we can train "Executive Assistants" to be helpers for our session hosts. Executive Assistants manage the paperwork, components and other details so the top level executive can get back to work quickly.

We can also do small group sessions if you have a tight deadline for many applicants. The options are endless. Tell us your needs and we'll meet to strategize a way to meet them. 

Licensing Submittal Services

PermaPrints 365™ and ConsentClix™ - Multi-State Submittals with Consent

PermPrints 365 is the original "Fingerprint Vault," protecting applicants' eligibility for replication-on-demand. Once an applicant's "exemplary master set" of prints is good, we maintain those prints in our vault for submittal to multiple states, either right away or in the future. It's like "banking" your applicant's fingerprints. They may never have to be fingerprinted again! 

ConsentClix™ is our patented protocol for securing indisputable consent from applicants to use their PII. This is a high-stakes compliance duty that few companies recognize. It protects employers from legal exposure due to the huge fines from false privacy law complaints.

Service Purchase Options


One-at-a Time or Subscription Based Service

We can fingerprint and submit one applicant at a time, but many firms find it more efficient to use the TeleFingerprinting Subscription Model. Based on an estimate of the number of applicants to enroll and number of state submittals in a year, the firm freezes pricing and assures precedence for an entire year by funding their entire project. This assures rapid invoice approval since balances are always zero.

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Use Cases

TeleFingerprinting can enroll and submit fingerprints for many purposes:

  • TeleMed/TeleHealth
  • Pharma
  • Gaming
  • Cryptocurrency
  • Money Transmitter
  • Banking & Finance
  • Mortgage Lenders
  • Cannabis
  • Liquor License
  • Jewel Trade
  • Auto Dealerships
And more...