Secure Remote Fingerprinting
for Licensure


FBI Approved Fingerprinting Services

Streamlining FBI fingerprinting compliance for licensure world-wide.

We safely and securely collect, verify and submit, FBI approved fingerprints for purposes requiring licensure from virtually anywhere using a unique patented process.

Services & Company Overview 

Fingerprinting & Licensing Services

Fingerprinting services with ultimate convenience and safety

No matter your location, we are available to provide fingerprinting services in your home, office, or virtually any place of your choosing, with no risk of COVID exposure.

Remote Fingerprinting

Licensure & Submittals

PermaPrints™ Protection

Fingerprinting & Licensing Services 

COVID-19 Notice

COVID-Safe Fingerprinting Services

TeleFingerprinting™ is the only global COVID-19 isolation-order compliant fingerprinting service. Using modern, secure video conferencing coupled with patented proprietary fingerprint capture methods, we’re able to conduct full-service FBI approved fingerprinting sessions with no physical visit. This renders all COVID precautions N/A.

COVID-19 Service Information 

About TeleFingerprinting™

Helping corporations and individuals meet fingerprinting requirements for licensing and other compliance issues.

TeleFingerprinting™, is a revolutionary U.S. based fingerprinting and licensing service trusted by corporations and executive teams large and small. We provide the only fingerprinting service that removes the barrier of in-person FBI-approved fingerprinting for licensing or other regulatory requirements across numerous industries:

  • Doctors / Telehealth
  • Distance Learning
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Insurance
  • Banking & Finance
  • Mergers & Acquisitions
  • Money Transmitting
  • Investor Vetting
  • International Licensing
  • Executive Overseas Deployment
  • Apostille & Certification
  • Embassy Coordination
  • Online Gaming / Entertainment
  • Cannabiculture
  • Liquor Licensing
  • Personal FBI Record Checks

Some of the Companies We've Served