About the Self-Capture™ Pack

Patented Self-capture™ Packs are part of a revolutionary fingerprinting system that offers employers and individuals fully compliant access to the FBI fingerprint-based criminal history background check. These confidential reports are often required for licensing, immigration, employment, or access. The Packs enable authenticated verified fingerprinting anywhere in the USA or overseas, wherever tracked carriers FedEx and DHL go.

In use since early 2008, these portable Packs are part of NFp's suite of patents issued for Biometric Self-capture™ which enable worldwide deployment of properly witnessed collecting of biometric samples including fingerprints.

"Self-capture" means the Pack is for print specimens MADE BY the applicant, without the direct physical intervention of a "fingerprint taker." The process of fingerprinting is guided and witnessed by a trained "Trusted Observer," who may either be physically present in the fingerprint session or acting as a TeleFingerprinting Session Host over a secure Web teleconference.

The Trusted Observer or Session Host attests to the authenticity of the print specimens and video evidence is also acquired that obtains indesputible proof of both authenticity and consent to submit the prints to the licensing authority or other recipient the applicant specifies. Alongside fingerprint samples, identity documents, signature samples and demographic data required by licensing authorities are also securely witnessed and obtained.

Self-capture Packs allow fingerprints to “do-the-walking” because there is no need to travel long distances to be fingerprinted in a state (or country) not your own for US licensure. When used in virtual sessions via teleconference, they remove all contagion risk, and facilitate licensure under quarantine or lockdown conditions. The combination of the proprietary field and lab methods enables live-scan accuracy and legibility from the state next door to halfway around the globe.

The process also enables determination of your Exemplary Master Set of fingerprints suitable for multiple uses when PermaPrints™ Protection is in force.
How would it simplify your life if you never had to be fingerprinted again? With Self-capture™ Packs this is possible. If you're looking for a fast, effective fingerprinting solution, you've put your finger on it™